Custom RL-90 – Faith Lutheran Church Naples, FL – Organist Matthew Swingle proudly displays the church’s newest member! This is Floridia’s first Four-Manual Allen Organ with Allen’s APEX Technology.

“The RLX-90, designed by acclaimed organist Rudy Lucente, with the new APEX technologies have taken the Allen Organ Company to unimaginable heights in the world of digital organ audio production. The organ can produce such realistic sounds that the auditory line separating digital organs and pipe organs is virtually gone. With the expansive capabilities of APEX, the realistic sounds are far beyond all expectations. I am constantly left speechless every time I play the instrument. In cooperation the with Allen Organ Company, this was all made possible due to the tireless efforts of the incomparable team of Brian Daggett, Ted Hayes, and the rest of Dunne Music in Florida. Everyone involved went above and beyond all imaginable actions to help give life to the project and see it to its final fruition. The Allen Organ Company and Dunne Music have created a product that will be a pinnacle instrument throughout the entire organ world.”

Matthew Swingle Director of Music & Organist
Faith Lutheran Church | Naples, Florida