Sound Reinforcement Division

Bruce R. Hanover, Vice President

Bruce R. Hanover, Vice President

Bruce R. Hannover is the Vice President of the Sound Reinforcement Division at Dunne Music Company.

His commitment to continue excellence in the presentation of religious and secular programs is clearly shown through his workmanship and dedication to the arts.

For over 10 years Bruce served as Head Electrician of the Broward Center for the Performing Arts where among other tasks, he was the lighting designer for the majority of the shows in the Amaturo theatre. Throughout his career he has served in many venues including the Hollywood Playhouse, Hollywood, FL, the Sunrise Musical Theater, and Rialto Theatre in Joliet Illinois. Bruce also spent a considerable amount of time as an electrician “on tour” with various artists and traveling shows.

Bruce has studied Television, Film, and Electronics at Northern Illinois University and Florida Atlantic University. He has held memberships in IATSE, Federal Pyrotechnic license, Am. Theatre Organ Society, and the National Association of Broadcasters, Art Institute of Chicago and The National Trust for Historic Preservation.

Since 2001, Bruce has been responsible for the Design, Sales, Installation and Service of extreme high quality sound reinforcement systems for houses of worship for Dunne Music.

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