"The Technology is Amazing"

I want to express my gratitude and appreciation for the care and quality that Mathis Music has demonstrated with the recent installation of our new two manual Allen Renaissance Organ. I have always been a firm believer that the sound of a true, wind-blown pipe organ is like no other in the complexity of its tone, specifically the Diapason family. The technology of the recent Allen organ is, to put it quite simply, amazing.

Never have I heard an electronic instrument which possesses the rich and full foundation tone, warm flutes and strings, and colorful solo and chorus reed stops until my experience with this 53 stop organ.

The organ's design with the floating Ancillary division, is clever and gives added flexibility to the instrument. The Allen Organ Company should be quite proud of producing an instrument of the highest quality and integrity. My thanks also to Ted Hayes for such diligent efforts during the installation and for the return visits for the fine tuning.

By Todd Gresick. Director of Music Ministries
St. Thomas More Catholic Church


Todd Gresick in the chapel at St. Thomas More Catholic Church in Sarasota. A life long firm believer in the sound of a true wind-blown pipe organ, he is now a convert to the artistry and technology that is combined in the Allen Renaissance Organ. The church selected a two manual instrument with 53 stops for their chapel.