We Praise God and Recommend Allen Organ

At St. John's United Methodist Church we are committed to praising the Lord with music in every way He makes possible for us. Two years ago we moved into our new building in Sarasota. At that time, God blessed us with a private family gift which allowed us to purchase an Allen Renaissance Organ, the Diane Bish 63 Stop Signature Series. Not only did God provide us with the financial gift, but He also blessed us with Mathis Music.

There are no words to adequately express how good it is to work with a team of professionals such as Tom and Ted Hayes, who are not only excellent musicians but are also both personally dedicated to serving God through music and through competent and outstanding personal service to churches and musicians. From our decision to purchase the instrument, through the matching of the cabinet wood to the new sanctuary interior, to the electrical and speaker installation, the installation and voicing of the instrument, and finally, the dedication concert arrangements with Diane Bish, the Mathis team was there for us.

Our Allen organ has been an incredible blessing. It provides a phenomenal menu of sounds, from the traditional cathedral pipe organ to a wide range of solo stops. It affords the sound of "true pipes" without the expensive upkeep of a pipe organ. It has enhanced our worship immensely and has made it possible for the church to host a number of events that would otherwise not have been possible.

As we continue to enjoy the instrument, the Mathis team continues to be there for us to assist with everything from music to technical assistance and, when the time comes, repairs. We praise God for it all, and we certainly recommend Allen Organ. They are an indispensable part of our music worship.

The Allen Renaissance Diane Bish 63 Stop Signature Series Organ occupies a place of pride in the sanctuary at St. John's United Methodist Church in Sarasota.