"The Decision is Easy and Always has been - Allen"

My career as a church choir director has spanned 45 years. I have served four-churches during this time and one of my duties has always been to serve on or chair the organ committee. Selecting a new organ is sometimes an awesome and fearful experience. After seeing many organs, and, hearing many demonstrations, the choice was easy. The unanimous decision was to purchase an Allen Organ.

The integrity of the company is impeccable and the service is unmatched. If the organ has problem on Sunday morning, an Allen service person is there and a new computer board is installed. The instrument is ready to go.

The Allen Organ has a way of selecting the most outstanding dealerships to handle their instruments. Mathis Music holds the Allen standards to the very highest level, as evidenced by your recent life-time award from the Allen Organ Company.

Each of the four churches I served purchased an Allen Organ. They have all experienced 100% satisfaction with
their choice. The decision is easy and always has been:

Arch G. Snyder, Choir Director
First Presbyterian Church
Bradenton, FL

The 70 Stop Allen Organ

At the four manual 70 stop Allen Organ in the sanctuary at First Presbyterian Church, Bradenton are: Church Organist, Ted Hayes, Pastor Ken Sinclair, Assistant Pastor Charles Bowdler and Music Director Arch Snyder.

From Rev. Kenneth Sinclair, Senior Pastor

Let me congratulate you on another outstanding year as you have sought to provide an invaluable service to places of worship. There is no single instrument other than the organ that expresses such a range of music. Its association with worship has long been understood as the rightful expression of a grand volume of praise. Week after week our members appreciate the tremendous contribution that our organ brings to our worship.

Ever since we purchased our new custom four manual Allen Renaissance Organ, our worship has experienced a dramatic improvement.

The state-of-the-art digital circuitry has allowed for an impressive range of responses from voices to chimes and to festival trumpets. Together with a string section, these features create an inspiring cathedral sound which creates a fitting atmosphere of worship.

If the essence of worship is to offer our finest in grateful response, then the Allen Organ rises to the occasion.

When we made a decision to purchase the Allen Renaissance Organ, the quality of the instrument and the stewardship of our resources were the two most compelling factors.

We have not been disappointed in our decision or in the excellent service Ted Hayes provided for us as a representative of your company. You can be pleased to know that you have helped another congregation feel most grateful in our worship.

In His Service,
Kenneth Sinclair,
Senior Pastor, First Presbyterian Church
Bradenton, FL

First Presbyterian, Bradenton

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