The Church of the Palms Presbyterian Church

The Church of The Palms Presbyterian Church of Sarasota installed a new four manual Allen Renaissance Organ, giving the congregation a resounding reason to celebrate with community concerts. The organ cabinet is finished in pickled oak to exactly match the pews. This custom furniture matching service is just one more reason that professional liturgical musicians and church music committees choose Allen organs.

Shown here are (left to right) are Director of Music and Arts, John Ferreira, and Carlo Curley, world-class organist.

from the Director of Music and Arts

Dear Allen Organ:

This letter is a long time coming, however, I want to affirm my appreciation and gratitude for producing such a magnificent instrument as the Renaissance 480-S whose quality and versatility far exceeds our expectations.

When it came time to purchase a new organ for our 2,600 member church, quality was first on the list. The instrument had to be of the highest quality and had to support a full and diversified music ministry program. We wanted only the best for our worship services. After listening to many brands and styles, both digital and pipe, the pastor, my assistant and I heard the Allen Renaissance. We were convinced of the Allen's superior quality and amazing versatility.

If the decision to purchase a organ for our 1,200 seat church had gone forward, the size of the organ would have been jeopardized by the cost. This, added to Florida humidity problems with a pipe organ, meant purchasing such an instrument would not be good stewardship. The Renaissance met our goals for quality and fulfilled good stewardship.

The Renaissance 480-S has enhanced our worship services for over five months and has won the hearts of our congregation with its glorious sounds. Even those who said "we should have nothing but a pipe organ" have been pleased, astounded and are now advocates of the Renaissance 480-S pipe sounds. One gentleman, being convinced that only a pipe organ would do, withheld his donation to our organ fund until he heard the Allen in worship one Sunday. On Monday he appeared with a very generous donation.

As church organist, I marvel at how the organ's touch is so responsive, from the chiff of a light flute, to the slight wind delay of the full organ. The floating string division is truly heavenly inspired and has been a great asset to our worship. Our congregational singing has improved immensely. We had visits from organists and other musicians who have been astonished by the quality of the instrument. The Renaissance 480-S was the perfect choice for a growing and vibrant church.

I thank Mathis Music for their friendly and generous time in guiding our purchase. Ted Hayes is a superior representative for Allen and was a guiding light during the installation.

John Ferreira,
Church of The Palms